We work with prices per line based on the source text. In doing so, a standard line has 55 keystrokes and we calculate as follows:

Number of characters (including spaces) / 55 * price per line = net price for the translation (plus VAT). Fees for additional services, such as notarisation for example, are indicated separately in the offer.

The normal time period for shorter texts with a standard difficulty level is approx. 2-3 weekdays after assigning the project. As an alternative, express delivery within 24 hours can also be requested. In the case of more comprehensive projects, one weekday is required per 200 standard lines (55 keystrokes) and another 1-2 weekdays are necessary for in-house review and coordination. The exact time period is indicated in your individual offer.

Please send your source text with the subject heading “translation enquiry” via email to translate@dialogticket.com or use our enquiry form. For this purpose, please scan printed documents. We can process a variety of file formats: PDF, MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), HTML, XML, Indesign and many others.

No, because we make the calculation based on the source text and specify the terms in the offer. Therefore, the prices offered are fixed prices, which you can rely on.

No. Your enquiry does not result in any obligation to us whatsoever. Take your time to review the offered terms and conditions. A claim to payment does not arise until you send us an explicit confirmation via email.

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