Free downloadable cancellation policy in 7 languages


You can now download the latest cancellation policy free of charge, and in seven different languages. The package contains:


Cancellation policy in German

Cancellation policy in English

Cancellation policy in French

Cancellation policy in Spanish

Cancellation policy in Polish

Cancellation policy in Dutch

Cancellation policy in Italian


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The new cancellation period of 14 days applies uniformly all over Europe. This ensures that the cancellation policy is applied consistently throughout Europe. As an online retailer, if you fail to offer a cancellation policy or it is incorrect, the right to cancellation expires at the latest 12 months after the end of the actual cancellation period. When exercising the cancellation, the buyer must explicitly declare his reasons for doing so to the seller. For this purpose, he can make use of the cancellation form made available by the retailer. The return of the item without any comments will no longer be sufficient.