International expansion with Adwords campaigns – tips for global success

Want to have your ads and keywords translated?

Adwords enable you to reach new markets abroad both quickly and efficiently.

You’ve already completed a satisfactory amount of analysis into your sales potential abroad? And your website has been translated into the necessary languages? Then the next step for you is to use Adword campaigns to appeal to new customers overseas.

If you already have a finely-honed campaign in German at your disposal, the obvious progression is to translate it into the respective target languages.


Make preparations for the translation of your campaign: Free tools

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  • Global Market Finder This tool allows you to see targeted translations, the search volume as well as the average cost-per-click of your most important keywords.You can find information on how to interpret reported values here.
  • Google Translator ToolkitThis free piece of software from Google can automatically produce complete translations of campaigns. Of course the end result is still a mechanical translation, which should be revised by an in-house native speaker with a comprehensive knowledge of Adwords.

If a company does not have an employee with suitable language skills, cooperation with a professional translation agency can often be useful.



File formats for corresponding with external translators

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  • Export via theGoogle AdWords Editor: AES or CSV formats

    When working with theGoogle Adwords Editor, you can export your campaign data and make it available to the translator.

    The Google AdWords Editor is a free tool for processing your campaigns:

    1. Use it to create a copy of the campaign that you wish to have translated.

    2. Give the copy a new name, remembering to include the necessary adjustments: Locations, languages, landing pages, etc.).

    3. Then export the copy either as an AES or a CSV file (the choice is yours) and send it to the translator.

    The advantage of this procedure is that you can re-import the resulting text once it is finished – with no further cost. You can of course also pass on your internal Adwords performance data, for example regarding budgets and costs-per-click.

  • Manual export: Excel and CSV format


    Alternatively you can make the keywords and ads available to the translator separately in an Excel format:

    There is a corresponding download function in your Adwords Account.

    Open the “Keywords” tab and click on the buttonbuttonto download the reports. This procedure can likewise be used for ads.

    In CSV files you can then delete the performance data, so the translator only receives the information he or she needs.

    The finished translation can then be integrated rapidly into the campaign with the aid of the Adwords Editor.To this end you can use the “make multiple changes” function for the keywords and ads in the respective ad group. Copy the relevant content of your translated CSV file, then click on “paste from clipboard”.Once you have defined the correct columns for import and deleted irrelevant cells, the texts can be imported free of hassle.


Tips for the translation of keywords and ads

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  • Ads in different languages


    Character limits

    Please note that when translation ads, Google’s default target lengths must be adhered to. Details of the maximum number of characters for each language can be found in thisoverview.


    It is of great importance that the translated ads match the keywords in the target language. The most important keywords should thereby be integrated into the ads.

    In some cases it may be unavoidable that the translation differs slightly to the original. The translated landing page plays a crucial role in this regard. In particular, this means that the visitor must be able to find the message from the ad on the landing page again. As a result it is possible that the sales arguments used abroad differ somewhat from those used in Germany. For example, price relationships can sometimes vary. This should be reflected on the landing pages and in the ads.


  • Translation of the keywords



    “Keywords” refers to the particular search queries that should cause the ads to be displayed. In so doing it may transpire that important key words are not recognised because of an overly literal translation, especially when there are more meanings to a term in the target language than there are in German. Therefore the translator should find synonyms in their native language that have a high search volume for the important keywords. In this respect theGlobal Market Findercan also be helpful, as it can display additional keyword suggestions from the keyword planner.

    Negative Keywords

    Negative keywords ensure that the ads are not displayed. They play an important role in filtering out irrelevant pages or links. They comprise of keywords which infer that the user is most likely searching for something different that has nothing to do with the campaign.

    Simply translating the German negative keywords can lead to disastrous omissions if there are more similar variations of the term in the target language than there are in German.

    For example, it is possible that a search for the English keyword “translation agency” might also throw up search terms such as “marketing agency”. It is therefore safest to exclude the keyword “marketing” in English when trying to find a translation agency. Die deutsche Variante „Übersetzungsagentur“ besteht nur aus einem Wort. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass „Werbeagentur“ dazu als nahe Variante einbezogen wird, ist deutlich geringer.

    Information regarding negative keywords can be found in theGoogle Keyword Planner, in which you can look up all the variants of keywords which do are not suitable for a campaign.

    If the translated campaign is already in operation, it is recommended to have a translator evaluate a search terms report. Such a report includes the actual search queries entered by visitors. The report is accessible in the Adwords Account by going to “Keywords” -> “Details”-> “Search terms” -> “Selected”.

    A translator can sort the keywords into relevant and negative keywords.


ConclusionAdWords International

With the help of targeted translations of your campaigns, your marketing objectives can be tested abroad in a cost-effective manner and then implemented step by step.

Our team at DialogTicket is happy to support you in this regard. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.