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DialogTicket.com has specialised in the translation of web pages during 10 thriving years on the translation market. Read our tips and info on the topic “translating websites” and find out how we can help you.

Have websites translated and conquer new markets!

Providing international information for your market is more important than ever, whether on a simple website or a complex nested webshop. Multilingual websites open you up to the international market and let you reach many more customers. Have your website translated and your opportunities to grow will increase.

We use specialist translators with the required linguistic and technical knowledge, who translate into their mother tongue. Our translators generally live in their country of origin and can use their priceless knowledge of the country and culture to help shape the translation of your homepage. Successful adaptation (localisation) increases your website’s chances of success.

Of course regular updates to your contents can be made quickly and easily. Have your website updated regularly and you will increase the added value you provide to your customers. That keeps you interesting and your brand recognition will increase significantly in the long term.

We don’t just translate whole websites, but also smaller texts. Our offers are always to made to suit your wishes.

 How we translate

We follow a tried and tested procedure to translate a website professionally.

1. Appraisal

Our first step will be to look carefully at your homepage and count the words. You receive a free offer which for you is non-binding with an indicator of the time required for us to produce the translation.

2. Translations

We translate your website. We can automatically export texts from various different content management systems (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop etc.). If required, we can integrated optimised keywords into the translation.

3. Import

The texts are finally read through and improved and then put back on your website. Then we carry out a final review to make amendments to the layout if required. The result: perfectly translated and localised websites.

Experienced specialist website translation

Our Service

We work with translation memory systems to keep the terminology of your translations and subsequent assignments consistent. Another advantage of this is that we only charge once for repetitions. We charge the first time we translate them of course, and then never again.

You will have your own personal contact partner here at DialogTicket who can coordinate simultaneous multilingual projects for you. We also have no problem with very large assignments such as the translation of whole websites. We offer you a variety of languages for your website translation, such as German, English and French. You can even have your website translated into Chinese – quickly and easily.

Any format

We can process the following file formats without any problems: HTML, XML, JAVA and PHP. So if you want to translate your homepage, the original format is not important. Just get in contact with us!

Any volume

We can handle any assignment size, from individual item descriptions to comprehensive web content. Express deliveries can also be arranged at any time. And our web page translators are looking forward to working for you.

Any contents

Our website translators are absolute experts when it comes to presenting your online contents in another language. Different text types also pose no problems for our website translators. They know how to deal with web content, databases, item descriptions, forms and help texts. Moreover, we can also render terms and conditions and legal texts unobjectionably and correctly in a range of target languages.

Top quality at affordable prices!

If we translate your homepage, you expect quality. Our competitive prices and fair terms will win you over. Request a free no-obligation quote for your translation today!

Save money with web shop modules

We offer set translations for some online shops, including Afterbuy, XT-Commerce and eBay. For example, we offer cancellation policies or data protection policies in 14 languages at competitive prices! We can adapt these on request. Our website translators work quickly but conscientiously on translating your website as you require it. So use our specialist team!

CMS advisor

The following pages will show you what opportunities the different Content Management Systems give you regarding multilingualism. Our website translators are extremely familiar with all these systems and can give you informed advice.

We offer excellent professional translations on favourable terms!

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