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If you’ve invested considerable time, effort and know-how in your advertising materials, it’s only natural to want your catalogues, magazines and brochures presented in a professional manner to your customers abroad as well as at home. The same applies to your website. Unfortunately, in many instances the translated text is either longer or shorter than the original. This can lead to lines being broken in the wrong places, for example, thus creating a false impression. Something that looks very impressive in your native country may then appear quite amateurish.

There’s no risk of that happening with our translation agency, Not only are our specialist translators au fait with technical issues, but our graphic designers are also experts in their field. They ensure that your translations are formatted exactly how you wish. With the help of desktop publishing tools, they can rectify minor errors with ease. Your advertising materials will make a far greater impact if the intended layout is retained. It goes without saying that we use your company terminology consistently and proofread the entire document before delivery.

This gives you a great advantage. As the technical translation is returned in the same special format as your original document, you’re spared the hassle of cutting and pasting the translated content afterwards. Moreover, the texts, graphics and images remain properly aligned with each other. That means your text is ready for immediate printing. It also allows you to make minor adjustments whenever necessary.

Another plus point for you is that we handle localisation issues at the same time. Firstly, this involves adapting the software to the needs and conventions of the users in the relevant country. Secondly, we only allow our specialist translators to translate into their native language, thus ensuring they have the necessary linguistic and cultural background. If you need your catalogue in English, Spanish or perhaps a more exotic language, such as Korean, you’ve come to the right place. We can translate into over 40 languages for you. And if you want your brochure returned in PDF format or some other special type of print file, that’s no problem either.

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