Medical texts are among the most challenging to translate and the most sensitive in nature. For work of this kind, we only assign native-language translators who have specialised in the appropriate discipline. They have experience in the various branches of medicine, such as pharmacy, dentistry or orthopaedics.

Over the course of their long careers, our translators have acquired sound medical and scientific background knowledge, and they approach their work with the utmost attention to detail as well as an acute awareness of their responsibility.

To ensure that repeated key terms are translated consistently, we work with translation memory systems. Your personal contact here at DialogTicket coordinates your projects in the desired languages and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

As far as the text quantity is concerned, we’re extremely flexible. We translate anything from short drug instruction leaflets to extensive clinical trial documentation; an express service is also available by prior arrangement.

Our medical translations are of the highest quality. Our rates are unbeatable.

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  • Drug information leaflets
  • Clinical trials
  • Operating instructions for medical devices
  • Medical reports for patients and doctors

We offer excellent professional translations on favourable terms!

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