Will online shop translations increase my turnover?

If you want to be successful on the global market, it’s important to adapt your website or online shop to your target audience. Among other things, this means presenting the content in a way that is easily comprehensible, search engine compliant, and in keeping with the tone of language typically used in the relevant country. Our native-language translators are multitalented specialists in the field of online shop translations. Thanks to their excellent qualifications and long-term experience, we can guarantee to produce high-quality results.

Moreover, we work with translation memory systems, enabling us to translate recurring phrases consistently. We can process databases via interfaces (SDLX-Trados) and exports without difficulty. We also create and manage corporate glossaries and term bases.  Special interfaces enable us to handle large volumes of certain texts, e.g. product descriptions or packaging labels, on a daily basis. You will be assigned a regular contact here at DialogTicket who is always on hand to assist you and coordinate all your projects. To make things as easy as possible for you, we accept files in any format, e.g. FrameMaker, Microsoft Office, PDF, Indesign, HTML or PHP. And of course we also take care of your DTP requirements.

If you want to boost the turnover generated by your online shop, try out our first-class translation services. An express service is also available by arrangement. We guarantee to carry out your assignments at prices well below the going market rate .

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