We and our pool of 2,100 translators look forward to accepting your assignments and demonstrating our linguistic capabilities in a wide array of language combinations. The native-speaker principle guarantees that our specialist translators possess the necessary cultural background knowledge and incorporate it in their translations.

We would like to introduce you to just a few of our many translators:

Matthew Parker
Languages: German – English (UK)
Specialist fields: Law
With DialogTicket since: 2012

Thanks to having a German mother, I grew up bilingual in London. Studying German at Cambridge University seemed the natural thing to do. Since moving to Germany to be with my partner, I have been studying Law here in Cologne.

Owing to my good knowledge of German, I am able to finance my studies by translating from German into English for the translation agency DialogTicket. Being a native English speaker, this comes naturally to me and gives me a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, I have specialised in legal texts. This has the added advantage that I learn things from my translation work which help me with my studies.

In addition, I receive professional guidance from DialogTicket as well as regular training in the use of special CAT software.

Nathan Portadonnez
Languages: German – French
Specialist fields: Mechanical engineering
With DialogTicket since: 2011

After leaving school, I decided to study Mechanical Engineering, but also took a degree in German. As a French national, I then had the opportunity to take up employment in Germany as a mechanical engineer working on the production and sale of machinery and technical systems. I subsequently spent three years working for a technical consulting firm in Cologne.

Four years later, I returned to my home country and now live in Marseilles, where I work for the translation service DialogTicket. The demands of the job are ideally suited to my qualifications. Thanks to my technical know-how, I am familiar with the correct terminology, which means I am able to carry out very precise translations of technical documents into French.

Consequently, I am always able to deliver a professional technical translation, no matter what the subject matter – assembly instructions, training documents or requirement specifications, for example. Moreover, as a native French speaker, I am well acquainted with the general linguistic usage of my fellow countrymen.

Sebastian Lindemann
Languages: English – German
Specialist fields: Law
With DialogTicket since: 2008

My very first school trip to London was enough to arouse my fascination with the city. I later spent a year in London as an exchange pupil. After returning to Berlin and finishing my school education, I went on to study English (UK) and Business Management.

I subsequently gained employment with a large import and export company, where a good command of English was an absolute necessity. I would probably still be there today if it hadn’t been for a colleague who asked me to translate an English business report into German three years ago. Owing to my specialist knowledge of economics and the fact that German is my native language, I soon realised that translating was my dream profession.

It is now two years since I was taken on by the translation agency DialogTicket. I always receive the support I need from the agency’s project managers. In addition, training courses allow me to keep constantly up to date with special CAT software.

As a professional specialist translator, I handle statistics, financial reports, annual reports and business correspondence, because in this specialist field I am always able to find the right terminology.

Nicolai Baldwin
Languages: German – English (US)
Specialist fields: Technology
With DialogTicket since: 2009

After finishing college, I studied Mechanical Engineering in California, graduating with a bachelor’s degree four years later. Eager to explore “Good old Germany”, I then spent two years working as a technical editor in the automobile industry in Stuttgart.

Later I moved back home to California, where I found similar employment. I soon noticed that operating manuals, instructions for service fitters and training documents from Germany were often poorly translated. I realised this was something I could change; I felt it important that instructions be comprehensible for the target audience.

This is what inspired me to start translating technical documentation of all kinds from German into American English. It was the translation agency DialogTicket that provided me with the opportunity of working in this field.

Thanks to my good understanding of technical issues and in-depth knowledge of the automobile sector, I am familiar with the right terminology. Owing to the time I spent in Germany, I have no difficulty understanding the contents of the original text, and as a native speaker of American English I am also familiar with idiomatic expressions used in the US.

Whatever the subject matter – be it service manuals, installation instructions or risk analyses – I handle every translation with the same attention to detail.

Veronica della Nobile
Languages: German – Italian
Specialist fields: Construction industry
With DialogTicket since: 2010

Having grown up in a Milan suburb, I decided to study not only Civil Engineering, but also German, much to the delight of my German father. I was keen to find out more about my father’s culture. My university course included internships linked to various construction projects.

Shortly after I gained my degree, we received a visit from a friend of my father’s. He was a German building contractor and was planning to erect a large building in our neighbourhood. He was trying to source materials locally and needed professional translations for the corresponding tenders. As I had experience of the trade, he assigned this task to me. After successfully completing my work, I realised that specialist translating was my vocation.

I have now been working for the translation agency DialogTicket for five years. Thanks to regular training in the use of CAT software, I’m always up to date with the latest developments. In addition, I receive professional support from DialogTicket’s expert project managers.

This means I am always able to deliver accurate technical translations. Furthermore, as a native Italian speaker with specialist background knowledge of the construction industry, I am familiar with statutory Italian guidelines. Naturally, I always take care to use the correct terminology.

Irene Tirado-Campillo
Languages: German – Spanish
Specialist fields: Marketing, media
With DialogTicket since: 2011

Having grown up near Barcelona, I moved to Hamburg at the age of 12 to live with my uncle, who had opened a small hotel there. After finishing school here in Hamburg, I decided to study Marketing. The three-year course provided me with practice-oriented knowledge which set me in good stead for my future career. It included a twelve-week internship.

After gaining my bachelor’s degree, I wanted a job where I could use my native knowledge of Spanish. That’s why I decided to offer Spanish translations in the field of marketing. For four years now, I have been working for the translation agency DialogTicket. Most of the texts I translate are from companies seeking to expand to Spain and establish themselves on the market there.

Thanks to the expertise of DialogTicket’s project managers, I always receive the support I need to deliver professional translations. In addition, I receive training in the use of CAT software at regular intervals. Naturally, I also help my uncle with advertising for his flourishing hotel business.

I continue to visit my family back home once a year. Owing to my close links with my home country, I can relate to the mentality of my fellow countrymen. As a result, I am always able to find the right words to convince them of the benefits of a particular firm or its products.

Whatever the type of text – be it a press release, an informative flyer or media-related document – my translations are always perfectly tuned to the target audience.

Beke Van der Wiesen
Languages: German – Dutch
Specialist fields: Marketing
With DialogTicket since: 2010

I was fortunate enough to grow up bilingual in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. My German mother insisted that we speak German at least at weekends – something for which I’m eternally grateful.

I was keen to put this knowledge to advantage in my career. But my father’s job with an advertising agency also held a long-standing fascination for me. I therefore decided to study German in conjunction with Business Studies, as a means of keeping both doors open. During my studies, I undertook several internships in the marketing departments of various large firms as well as at my father’s advertising agency.

One day, the agency was hired to launch an advertising campaign for a German company in Holland. This gave me the idea of combining my skills by translating advertising texts into Dutch.

I applied to the translation agency DialogTicket and got the job. For five years now, I have been translating advertising texts for DialogTicket from German into Dutch, drawing on my know-how in this field.

Thanks to the training I receive from the translation agency, I am able to make efficient use of the specially developed CAT software programs. There are also several project managers on hand to help me if I have any questions.

As a native Dutch speaker, I find the translations quite straightforward. Another advantage is that I understand the mentality of my fellow countrymen. Consequently, I am always able to find the right words to convince the readers of flyers, landing pages or advertisements of the advantages offered by particular products.

Daniela Link
Languages: Spanish – German
Specialist fields: Medicine
With DialogTicket since: 2010

I have always been fascinated by the Spanish language. My enthusiasm was bolstered by a visit to a place near Madrid during my school days.

However, at the same time, I was very interested in medicine. That’s why, after completing my medical studies, I returned to Madrid to work at a hospital there.

Three years on, I was offered a good position at a clinic back home in Munich. When I discovered two years later that I was expecting a baby, I started looking for a way of reconciling my parental responsibilities with my career. Working shifts was no longer an option now that I had a small child to look after.

I therefore decided to combine my medical knowledge with my Spanish language skills. I now work for the translation agency DialogTicket, translating clinical trials, information leaflets, specialist literature and operating instructions for medical instruments from Spanish into my native language, German.

I get a lot of pleasure out of my work. Moreover, my family is happy about my flexible working hours.

Erik Preuß
Languages: French – German
Specialist fields: Marketing, finance
With DialogTicket since: 2007

As I come from Saarland on the border with France, it seemed like a good idea to study French as well as Economics. After all, many of my best friends live not far away on the other side of the border.

After successfully completing my studies, I started wondering how I could best combine both fields of interest. The solution was to become a professional specialist translator. My understanding of accounts, statistics, business plans and annual reports enables me to translate specialist texts into my German mother tongue with ease. And I now feel just as at home in the French language as in German.

For a while, I tried to set myself up as a freelancer. But then I got a job with the translation agency DialogTicket. Here I’m given regular training in the use of CAT programs, which are an essential tool for producing translations to a professional standard. In addition, I receive excellent support from the well-versed project managers at the translation agency.

Thanks to their assistance, the use of special software and my own expertise, I can always guarantee to deliver accurate, top-quality translations.

Katarina Marxsen
Languages: Italian – German
Specialist fields: Natural science
With DialogTicket since: 2012

On finishing school, I decided to enroll at the University of Hanover to study Biology, Chemistry and my absolute favourite language, Italian. My aim at that time was to become a teacher.

However, one day a fellow student from Italy asked me to translate her application for an internship from Italian into German. The translation turned out well, and my Italian friend was successful with her application.

Encouraged by this, I then saw a way of combining my knowledge of Biology and Chemistry with my love of the Italian language. I applied to several translation agencies and was taken on by DialogTicket.

This translation agency offers regular training in the use of various software programs, such as CAT tools. Moreover, there is always a knowledgeable project manager on hand to help me if I have any questions. As a native German speaker, I’m very happy at DialogTicket and have specialised in the translation of scientific texts from Italian into German.

Phillip Weging
Languages: Dutch – German
Specialist fields: Finance
With DialogTicket since: 2014

Having grown up in Münster, I have always had an affinity to the Dutch language. However, I also got a lot of enjoyment out of juggling with figures. That’s why, after leaving school, I decided to study Dutch and Business Studies.

Even while still at university, I was able to gain some initial practical experience with various business consulting companies. In particular, I enjoyed working with banks and tax authorities.

After gaining my bachelor’s degree, I got a job with a large company in Cologne. My knowledge of Dutch came in very useful, as it was a Dutch firm.

My expertise in finance now helps me in my job as a specialist translator for the translation agency DialogTicket. Specialised in accounts, financial reports and statistics, I translate texts from Dutch into German for the agency.

The experienced project managers at DialogTicket are extremely supportive. They are always on hand to answer any questions I have. Moreover, I often get the chance to take part in training seminars, where I learn, for instance, how to make most effective use of CAT software.

Owing to this experience, I am always in a position to translate into my native German language to a professional standard.

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