Our quality pledge

As an EN certified company with long-term experience in the field of legal translating, we deliver top-quality work. We assign the translation of legal contracts to specialist native-language translators. Attention to detail, experience, and professional expertise are our top priorities, allowing us to guarantee the accuracy of our translations.

Why the need for specialist legal translators?

It only takes a slightly differing interpretation of the source text to modify the meaning of the contract. In certain legal contexts, even a translation which is linguistically correct in principle can lead to differing conclusions being drawn and legal disputes arising. In order to avoid errors and ensure that you can totally rely on the translations of your legal contracts, we make a point of only assigning work of this kind to experienced translators who are familiar with legal terminology.

Our advice for you

We can help you convey the intended meaning of your legal contract in another language. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend the use of an additional clause: Stipulate that the translation is only intended to aid understanding and that the original language version of the contract is binding for both parties.

Swift delivery at affordable prices

We are happy to take on urgent projects. Our colleagues in the US, for example, can deliver overnight because of the time difference.

Owing to the continual optimisation of our work processes, we are able to offer extremely competitive terms. We look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be glad to send you a free quote.

We offer excellent professional translations on favourable terms!

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